Dr. Jason Cook

Dr. Jason Cook graduated from Inola in 1998.  He received a collegiate football scholarship at Northeastern State University and graduated with a double major in 2002.   In 2006, Dr. Cook received his doctorate of Chiropractic from Cleveland Chiropractic College. 


Dr. Cook has served as team physician for several Tulsa high school teams and continues to treat athletes from several schools.   He  currently  serves as Inola 

High School football on-site and field team physician as well as works with all Inola athletic teams and athletes. He teaches a free core stability class once aweek at his office for all patients and active members of his business, Inola Fitness Center, which is operated and managed by his wife Jacie.


Dr. Cook has been a great supporter and contributer of many charitable events, as well as school activities and civic organizations.  He also is an active member of the Inola Chamber of Commerce.


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Dr. Jason Cook


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