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Rosalie Griffith

Rosalie Griffith currently serves on the Board of Directors of Leadership Rogers County.  She was a 2003-2004 graduate of the program and served as president in 2008. Mrs. Griffith is active in many community and civic organizations.  She is a past president of the Inola Chamber of Commerce and currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Chamber. Rosalie also serves as member of the Board of the ESA Membership Corporation and is a past president of the International Council of Epsilon Sigma Alpha International, a non profit service and leadership organization.

Rosalie also serves as Secretary/Treasurer of the Trust Authority for Rural Economic Development of Inola and chaired the Oklahoma Century Community Project for the Town of Inola and was successful in getting the town certified as an Oklahoma Century Community through the Oklahoma Department of Commerce. She has also gotten the Town of Inola Certified as a Healthy Community.  She is also a 2008 graduate of the Oklahoma Citizens Academy, sponsored by the Oklahoma Community Institute. Rosalie is also a former board member of the Rogers County Adult Day Care Center. 


Rosalie served on her local school board for twenty years and is a past president of the Oklahoma State School Boards Association.  She currently serves on the Northeast Technology Center School Board and serves as Clerk of the Board.  As a past president of the Oklahoma State School Boards Association, she has also been a Consultant for the OSSBA and has provided Whole Board Development Training for school boards.  Mrs. Griffith also served as a grant reader for the U.S. Department of Education for several years.  She recently retired from the Bank of Oklahoma.


Rosalie is a member of the National Association of Parliamentarians and serves as vice president of the Green Country Chapter.  She has also been a long time member of Toastmasters.  Rosalie is married to Lester who is employed by Spirit in Tulsa and has two grown children and three grandchildren.



Rosalie Griffith


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